Equity Loan and Grant recipients are required to participate in the GRASS program as part of the post-loan and post-grant reporting requirements as outlined in the loan and grant agreement exhibit entitled Post Closing Reporting Requirements (see Appendix 2 below).   To apply for Grass Coaching applicants must complete the online application found here.  These requirements have been incorporated into the GRASS program.  The GRASS program has two important and distinct components whose requirements are summarized on the chart below:

  1. Grass 1.0: Grass 1.0 enables Equity Grant Recipients and Equity Loan recipients who are current on their loan payments to comply with the Post Closing Reporting Requirements outlined and signed in the Equity Loan and Grant agreements.   See Column 1 on chart here.
  2. Grass 2.0: Grass 2.0 enables delinquent Equity Loan recipients to apply for grants and avoid Equity Loan contract penalties, such as losing their cannabis permit/local authorization and/or a collection process.  Grass 2.0 requirements may also include participation in the Equity Loan Modification program.  See Column 2 on chart here.

Equity Grant Recipients GRASS 1.0 Participation:

As part of the City of Oakland Equity Grant Program, Equity Grant Recipients will be required to fulfill the GRASS 1.0 requirements on the chart found here.