Program Overview

The City of Oakland introduced an educational requirement to the underwriting process. Each loan or grant disbursement will now require all Verified Equity Applicants to take an elective course or webinar offered by Oaksterdam University called “Gaining Resources to Achieve Sustainable Success (“GRASS”) Electives.

How to fulfill the Education Requirement

The GRASS Elective course or webinar is provided free to Oakland Equity Applicants Fulfilling this education requirement involves three steps:

Step 1:  Fill out the intake form found here (name and email) to get verified for free technical assistance services from Oaksterdam and access an elective on-demand.

Step 2: Complete this Needs Assessment Survey, receive personalized recommendations regarding the GRASS electives and help us plan future programs.

Step 3:  Register for a GRASS Elective from Oaksterdam.  To access the course for free, you must first complete Step 1 to receive a coupon code.  Then you may choose from any of the Oaksterdam course electives, found here.

You may also fulfill this requirement by selecting a GRASS webinar found here.