To support equity businesses impacted by burglaries in the years 2021 and 2022, City of Oakland and Elevate Impact have launched an Emergency Grant Program that minimizes barriers and provides an additional source of funds to help impacted businesses rebuild and re-open.  Specifically, the Emergency Grant Program provides $15,000 in grant funds to Verified Equity Applicants with a business lease that demonstrate their business was burglarized in Oakland during the calendar years 2021 and 2022.  Please note that: 

  1. The maximum Emergency Grant Amount is $15,000.
  2. An applicant may only apply for one Emergency Grant in each year – 2021 and 2022.

Click here to download an Emergency Grant Program Overview.


This grant will be paid to eligible Verified Equity Applicants who provide:

  1. The date, on which the burglary occurred.
  2. A police report, or provide the police report number, regarding the burglary that was filed within 48 hours of the burglary.
  3. The address where the burglary occurred and provide a current and signed lease for the burglarized address.
  4. The name of the burglarized business.
  5. A written explanation of how you were harmed during the burglary:
  6. What was taken?
  7. What damage occurred?
  8. Please quantify value of items stolen or damage incurred:
    1. Type and value of inventory stolen
    2. Amount of cash taken
    3. Type and value of equipment taken
  9. Type of damage incurred and estimated cost of repair
  10. Other, please explain and provide estimated cost or value
  11. A written explanation of how the emergency grant funding will be used (“Scope of Work” – 250 words or less)
  12. A Budget/Use of Proceeds statement of how the emergency grant funding will be used


In addition, the Verified Equity Applicant must meet the Basic Grant requirements including:

  1. Completed the equity grant underwriting process  described here at – “How to Apply for a Grant”.
  2. Enrollment in the business coaching program called the GRASS program, application found here.
  3. Have a current City of Oakland business tax certificate
  4. Have current business lease or sublease, with stated rent amount
  5. Have current insurance policy that meets the City of Oakland requirements
  6. Complete an elective course offered by Oaksterdam University called “Advanced Security – How to Survive a Security Incident” found here. This course is provided free to Oakland Verified Equity Applicants. To register, fill out the Oaksterdam Needs Asessment Form found here to get verified for free technical assistance services from Oaksterdam.
  7. If the applicant has an equity loan outstanding, they must be current with their loan payments and not be delinquent.
  8. Sign City of Oakland Grant Agreement

This Emergency Grant is in addition to the other City of Oakland Cannabis Equity Grant and Loan Programs that are available to Oakland Verified Equity Applicants.