Program Description

To support equity businesses impacted by the string of burglaries in
late May and early June 2020, the Special Activity Permits Division
and Elevate Impact have launched an Emergency Grant Program that
minimizes barriers and provides an additional source of funds to help
impacted businesses rebuild and re-open. Specifically, the Emergency
Grant Program provides $15,000 in grant funds to any Verified Equity
Applicants that can demonstrate that their business was burglarized in
Oakland between May 25th-June 8th 2020.  This Emergency Grant Program
is in addition to the Cannabis Equity Grant and Loan Programs that are
available to all Verified Equity Applicants.

Download Emergency Grant Program Overview Here.


1.     Proof that a police report was filed by providing police report
number and/or the police report itself

2.     List address where incident occurred, (as listed on the police report)

3.     Provide date that the incident occurred,  (as listed on the police report)

4.     List name of  Verified Equity Applicant

5.     List name of Business

6.     Provide written explanation of how the emergency grant funding
will be used (250 words or less)

7.     Provide a Budget/Use of Proceeds statement of how the emergency
grant funding will be used

8.     Be enrolled in the business coaching program called the GRASS
program, application found here:

9.     City of Oakland Business Tax Certificate, current

10.     Lease, sublease, incubator agreement, current

11.     Sign City of Oakland Grant Agreement