Program Overview

In 2022, the Department of Cannabis Control provided the City of Oakland with Local Jurisdiction Grant funding to help transition cannabis operators from a provisional to an annual state license. To help Verified Equity Applicants obtain their annual state license, the City of Oakland offers a $30,000 “Get Your Annual State License Grant”.


This grant will be paid to eligible Verified Equity Applicants who provide:

  1. Evidence that the Applicant has a State Provisional License (but does not yet have a State Annual License)
  2. Evidence that the Applicant has applied for a State Annual License
  3. A Written Explanation, i.e., a “Scope of Work”, which describes the steps the Applicant will take to transition from a provisional license to an annual state license, such as completing the City of Oakland inspection card and state license requirements.
  4. A Budget that shows how the funding will be to make the transition from a Provisional to an Annual State License. Items could include build-out costs, but third-party written estimates of build-out costs must be submitted with the grant application.


In addition, the Verified Equity Applicant must meet the Basic Grant requirements including:

  1. Completed the equity grant underwriting process described at – “How to Apply for a Grant.”
  1. Enrollment in the business coaching program called the GRASS program; the application is found here:
  2. Have a current City of Oakland business tax certificate
  3. Have current lease or sublease, with the stated rent amount
  4. Have a current insurance policy that meets the City of Oakland requirements
  1. Completed an elective course offered by Oaksterdam University called “Gaining Resources to Achieve Sustainable Success (“GRASS”) Elective. The GRASS Elective course is provided free to Oakland Verified Equity Applicants. Fulfilling this education requirement involves three steps:
    1. Step 1:  Fill out the intake form found here (name and email) to get verified for free technical assistance services from Oaksterdam and access an elective on-demand.
    2. Step 2: Complete the Oaksterdam Needs Assessment Survey, to receive personalized recommendations regarding the GRASS electives, and to help plan for future programs.
    3. Step 3:  Register for a GRASS Webinar from Oaksterdam, explicitly designed for Oakland Equity Applicants and Entrepreneurs.
  2. If the Applicant has an equity loan outstanding, they must be current and have made three consecutive on-time loan payments.
  3. Sign City of Oakland Grant Agreement

This “Get Your Annual State License Grant” is available to Verified Equity Applicants in addition to the other City of Oakland Cannabis Equity Grant and Loan Programs that are available to Oakland Verified Equity Applicants.