Below is a list of the materials and documents required to apply for an Equity Grant.  Make sure you collect all materials before you start the online application.  Click on each document name to view and download a sample of the required document.

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Click here to download a complete Grant Program Overview, including application requirements by funding tier, in PDF format >


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  • Contact information from the City of Oakland Cannabis Permit Application
  •  Equity status verification email from the City Administrator’s Office
  •  City of Oakland Cannabis Inspection Card for the site where the Applicant intends to operate their business
  • Enrollment in GRASS business coaching found here, and completion Certificate for Equity Qualified Individuals from the Make Green Go course “Start, Grow and Run Your Cannabis Company”
  • Verified Equity Individual legal identification (photo of Driver’s license, Passport, Government ID)
  • For those who own more than 20% of the business, legal identification (photo of Driver’s license, Passport, Government ID)
  • Bank statement first page with the name of the party that the check should be made payable to (either to Verified Equity Applicant as an individual or to a Business of which the Verified Equity Applicant owns 50% or more)
  • Tax returns for the most recent past two years which demonstrate that Applicant had an annual income at or less than eighty (80) percent Oakland average median income (AMI) adjusted for household size.
  • Number in household as declared on tax return
  • Written explanation for how the funding will be used
  • Budget equal to funding amount, also known as a  Use of proceeds statement
  • Business plan
  • 12-month monthly financial projections





  • Temporary, provisional or annual state cannabis license
  • Insurance with policy endorsement showing the the City of Oakland, its council members, directors, officers, agents, employees and volunteers listed as an additional insured (general liability and auto insurance are required; worker’s compensation is required if the business has employees).      Click here for Insurance Requirements
  • Evidence of compliance with Oakland’s Minimum Wage Ordinance, such as hourly payroll report or employee manual.
  • If Applicant has employees, upload paycheck stub and required quarterly payroll reports that demonstrates the company is in compliance with Employment Development Department regulations (i.e. payroll tax, unemployment insurance, state disability insurance, etc.)
    • Sample paycheck stub
    • Sample payroll report
  • Evidence of a bookkeeping system such as register with information and/or financial report from QuickBooks, Mint, Zero, Sage (or equivalent accounting system), or spreadsheet from Google Docs or Excel.


  • (i) Copy of completed and signed inspection card; OR
  • (ii) Copy of invoices (including Scope of Work)  for costs associated with bringing the Applicant’s cannabis facility into compliance with building & fire code requirements in order to obtain a completed inspection card
  • Operating Agreement showing that business is 100% owned by individuals satisfying the City of Oakland equity criteria or third-party loan or investment equal to the City of Oakland amount as shown in the “Tier Match Form