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The documents that will be reviewed as a part of the Equity Loan Assessment (Click here to see the Score Card) include the following (samples can be found by clicking here):

  • A1. Evidence of ownership percentage (%)
  • A2 Loan applicant resume or answer experience questions
  • A3. Partner(s) resume or answer experience questions
  • A4 Current or future customer reference
  • A5. Current or future supplier reference
  • A5. Work reference
  • A7. Strategic or joint venture partner reference
  • A8. Personal reference
  • A9. Reference from someone that Loan Applicant borrowed and repaid at least $1,000.00
  • A10. Equity Loan Project Description
  • A11. Assessment of Business Plan (uploaded with prerequisites)
  • A12 Assessment of 12-Month Monthly Financial statement (uploaded with prerequisites)
  • A13.   Assessment of Use of Proceeds Statement (uploaded with prerequisites)